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What services does the HealthWorks mobile clinic provide?

What Are the Benefits of the HealthWorks Mobile Clinic?

First, fill out and submit patient paperwork. 

If your student has never been a patient at HealthWorks, you’ll need to fill out and submit patient paperwork prior to their first visit. 

Your student will never receive care from the mobile clinic without your consent. 

You, as the parent or guardian, are the final decision-maker in the services your student receives from the mobile clinic. Our services are only provided with permission, except as allowed by state minor consent law. Confidentiality laws and requirements between patients and providers differ across states.

Next, call to schedule a visit. 
Call (307) 635-3618, option 1. 

On the day of your appointment, meet us at the mobile clinic!

We’ll be right outside your student’s school, waiting for you to arrive before the visit begins. 

Best of all, after attending your student’s first visit in-person, you can call into future visits via telehealth. 

Parents or guardians are required to be in-person for their student’s first visit to the HealthWorks Mobile Clinic. For any future visits, we can provide you a secure link to join the visit virtually.

You care about getting your family the healthcare they need; we make it convenient for you!

Save yourself the time and stress of checking your student in and out of school (and missing class time), plus driving back and forth to school and the doctor’s office. 

The HealthWorks Mobile Clinic brings services like sick visits, minor injury treatment, and well-child exams right to your student’s school. 

Our mobile clinic is an example of a “school-based health center.” By coordinating with school nurses, we can provide the best student-centered care possible and ensure the students we see are healthy, safe, and ready to learn. 

Where will the HealthWorks Mobile Clinic be this week? 
We’re excited to be bringing the HealthWorks Mobile Clinic pilot program to students and staff at Carey, Johnson, and McCormick junior high schools!

Hours: Wednesday 9:00 - 11:30 am
Call (307) 635-3618, option 1, for details 

As we grow, we plan to expand our mobile clinic locations to include additional Cheyenne-area schools, senior centers, and more. 

How Do You Use the Mobile Clinic?


It’s the newest evolution in healthcare, and it’s coming to a Cheyenne junior high school near you! 

To schedule your visit, call (307) 635-3618, option 1.



  • Welcoming: Everyone is welcome, and everyone who sees us receives exceptional, comprehensive, patient-centered care.

  • Affordable: Our mobile clinic serves everyone, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. We accept most insurance, and we offer a sliding fee scale for those who qualify. (View the Sliding Fee Scale | | Escala de costos móvil) 
  • Convenient: Skip multiple trips between school, work, and the doctor’s office. We’ll be right outside your student’s school, so you only have one place to go! 
  • Time-Saving: Less time traveling to and from multiple locations means more time to focus on your student’s care. (And less time out of class for them, too.)

Our mobile clinic staff of primary care providers—including doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician's assistants—offer the following services: 

  • Health screenings

  • Immunizations

  • Minor injury treatment

  • Sick visits

  • Alcohol and drug counseling

  • Sports physicals

  • Well-child exams

The HealthWorks mobile clinic does NOT replace required school health services for Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE), but instead provides support. It also does NOT replace parents/guardians, school nurses, school counselors, pediatricians, or other existing services. Services are determined at the local level and in accordance with state and local policies and/or law.